Explore the Health Benefits of Organic Health Care- Adaobi Sandra Ijoma, Nutrifix


Let’s get to meet you. Pls tell me about yourself and your background

My name is Adaobi Sandra Ijoma. I am the Founder and team lead for Nutifax Naturals, a healthy plant beverage formulator. I am an entrepreneur that has a passion for proferring solutions and is intentional about success. I am a healthy living lifestyle coach

What inspired you into starting this business?

I was inspired to start this business after a personal experience with being obese, chronic ulcers, and fibroids.

What were the challenges faced during your start-up and did you overcome them

The major challenges are not different from what most entrepreneurs face which are;
👉capital to invest
👉power shortage
👉Experienced manpower

We are yet to overcome all the challenges but we have had to improvise where possible

How would you define healthy living? As an organic health coach, what has been the reaction of your clients in exploring new health and wellness initiatives

Healthy living is an intentional effort to consume or use products that are beneficial to the body.
Due to rising awareness and health consciousness mostly as a result of social media interactions, a lot of our clients have been on the lookout for good alternatives to orthodox medications so our products are well received by raving reviews

What is your view about the stress levels of an average Nigerian, the consequences and how can it be managed?

Living in Nigeria is stress by itself and an average Nigerian has a higher stress threshold than most people.

However, recent economic challenges mean limits have been stretched and the average Nigerian out there is under pressure more than ever before.

What has been the highlight of your success story and how do you manage competition?

The highlight has been reaching the 10000th can sale.

That day I danced all day, that is my highlight.

I don’t have a competition and Nutrifix doesn’t either.

We are a class of our own.

Your kind of business requires a lot of research and intentional push to educate people about the values of your product, what strategy has worked for you best?

My best strategy has been the product itself, ensuring that we maintain standards and satisfy all our customers.

This so far is our best strategy

What should Nigerians and the world expect from NutrifixNaturals in the nearest future?

Nutrifix is going to one day be in the white house and on every presidential table.

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