Facts about Journalism in Nigeria and the way forward- Ediale Kingsley


Let’s get to meet you. Pls tell us about yourself and your background

Ediale Kingsley is the name. It’s believed by many that my greatest gift is writing. Perhaps, that explains why I have authored books, worked as a journalist, wrote and directed series and movies. But I personally believe I am a creator. Started my professional schooling in Auchi Polytechnic’s Accountancy Department. Started my journalism preparation in National Daily Newspapers. Started with film training at Pencils Film And Television Institute. I have interviewed many important celebrities or written open letters to them in the name of InstaLetters. I have also been interviewed by many journalists and endorsed by some important figures. My resume and talent have also made me a Publicist. So I find myself and Sabistation Media (my outfit) helping people attack problems that Public Relations can solve. And this is the first place I am announcing my latest project called EDvelopes (but I am not revealing what it’s about yet).

What inspired you into your line of profession?

I learned that success means different things to different people. That saying is the chief inspiration. Because rather than go work in a bank or company with my accounting degree. I decided to chase the creative works that will take me to the destination where I want to be. Because for me, success is not a 9 to 5. Success is also not about uninspiring routines. Success means freedom, expression, and most importantly the time to be with the people that mean a lot to me. And that is why I am not in regular gainful employment. Even as a journalist, I work remotely.

And it’s also important to note that I do the things I do today because they come easy to me. From writing to creating creative projects.

How would you rate media entrepreneurship in Nigeria? Do you think they have enough support from the government?

Nigerians are mostly not in the habit of expecting more from the Government. We are not used to it. So it is a strange expectation or concept. The media industry is wide. The core journalism category, would rather just appreciate the Government not interfering or obstructing the good practice of journalism. Because that sector is a watchdog. And like other sectors of the economy. We just want the basic infrastructure to work. A better transport system, a better power supply, and other basic proper amenities would be just okay. In terms of policies. So far, so good that the threat of banning social media isn’t yet the reality is enough support.

Which one of your previous projects do you consider your best work and why?

I sincerely think InstaLetters is the best project so far. Because a Google search of InstaLetter alongside the name of a celebrity can pop up a good letter of information and lessons. InstaLetters should be the longest-running project. And the fact that takes many shapes and forms makes it a bomb. The numbers and caliber of people reading my InstaLetters on the website (www.InstaLetters.ng) or on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/edialewrites) are quite impressive. I won’t be surprised if the President reads InstaLetters. Just recently on a show, Sahara Reporters/AAC Presidential Candidate, Omoyele Sowore said he is a fan of my letters. And he flattered me when he said he wouldn’t mind making me his Minister Of Information when he becomes the President. That for me was quite an honor. So yes, InstaLetters, because of the essence, value, and the fact that it is inexhaustible. I am planning a book out of that project. The book is almost ready. I am planning a YouTube show out of that project. And the new project called EDvelopes is also an offshoot of InstaLetters.

How do you ensure you stay updated with the latest trends, tools, and techniques?

I am always online. Never far from my social media. And the many things I do, even directing movies or writing stories, all allow me a good time to keep the habit.

What skills do aspiring film editors need to cut a good career in Nigeria?

This question can be answered in a shallow and deep way. If I go deep I may not be fully understood by many. If I go shallow I may not be doing justice to the question. But this is it.

To cut a good career in any profession today in Nigeria. The mastery of social media platforms is core. And making social media interactions daily is a religious service to the growth of that career. So you must be online showing the world how good you are at editing. And you must do this in the social media style.

Aside from that, you need to master the skill of editing and focus on one editing software or application. Be so good with that application and don’t follow the trends when it comes to that aspect of the trade. There are great movie editors I know that don’t use the popular editing software. They got trained using unpopular applications and they mastered it so well.

What has been your best experience at work and which platform or artist have you enjoyed working with most?

I am scanning through my memory plates now. My experiences are like sexual intercourse. Can we really say which cum is the best? I have had crazy moments. Good times and bad times. Yet even the bad times have a unique appeal. Like when Timaya chased me from his house when I went to interview him without prior notice. I found the door opened and entered. It’s tough to pick the best experience but I can answer like this:

I enjoyed working with National Daily Newspapers. I started off just managing a Column I wrote weekly about the Comedy Industry. I interacted with almost all the comedians and that era was amazing. Before I became a Sports and Entertainment editor.

As a filmmaker, creating, producing, and directing The PR movie, Dear Bedmate, Bros And Babe Woman Wrapper And Bible Babes is something I really enjoyed doing. And some of these projects are ongoing while some are yet to be released.

As a publicist, I am enjoying every project I undertake.

What should Nigeria and the world expect from your platform in the future?

I plan to have a media project for the coming World Cup in November. We are also going to release more series. We have a YouTube channel called Creator Ediale to launch and also we are building something at www.edialekingsley.com and www.edvelopes.com.

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