Gloria Koomson shares her start-up experience and the dynamics of buying and maintaining a car in Nigeria


Let’s get to meet you. Tell us about yourself and your background

Koomson Glory is my name. I’m a graduate of Ambrose Alli University (AAU) I studied Economics. I’m a Ghanaian, from the city of Takoradi, but have been in Benin Nigeria for some years now.

What are the things that inspired you to into this line of business? What are the challenges you faced and did you get through them

I have held an interest in this career for a long time, I also choose this line of business because it is something I am very passionate about, and I have gotten positive feedback so far from successful people in this line of business.

In your start-up days, do you have anyone that mentored you or any company you benchmarked to build your business?

My start-up days were challenging, I really didn’t have mentors, but along the line, and God seeing me through I started increasing, and eventually I was able to gain stability.

The value chain of auto sales business in Nigeria is experiencing an expansion in recent years, how have you positioned your business to align with this trend?

The value chain of the auto sales business in Nigeria has experienced an expansion in recent years, so I have positioned my interaction with the trend by building my brand online and learning some marketing skills… To boost my sales, and create more awareness.

Customer retention is an integral part of business development. What are the strategic initiatives you have in place to keep pivoting your business?

One strategy I initiate to keep pivoting in my business is investing more in the market and my audience.

One of the integral things about acquiring a car is the maintenance. What are the things you would advise someone interested in buying a new car?

My advice to anyone desiring to purchase a car would be to;

  • First, consider their needs and preferences, and have a budget.
  • Get a specialist with vast knowledge of the car that fits your budget and demography.
  • Make a good choice of the car you want.
  • Check the maintenance history and condition of the car
  • Do your research, on the car (generically, the dealership, and the specific car.
  • Make sure your car dealer is trusted and reliable.

As a business owner, what are the values that stand you out and what kind of customers does your business attract?

As a business owner, one of the biggest values that I identify with is the act of building trust with your customers. I am intentional about doing research on the needs of the customer and looking for a way to be of service in solving their problems. I also give consultation on the acquisition and disposal of assets. We have clients that are individual professionals, corporate organizations, and high-net-worth individuals.

I build more internal and external communication with customers. I don’t just talk, I deliver, and my consistency has gained and attracted more stable, and loyal customers.

What is the milestone of your business presently and what should Nigeria and the rest of the world expect from you in the nearest future?

I have been able to create a memorable experience for my clients. And Nigeria should expect more consistency, growth, and wins from Koomson_Car_Emporium

Chat with Koomson_Car_Emporiom  for the best car advisory and deal management.


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  1. Peter Koomson says

    One of the best asset one can have and be very successful is a great personality and Character. The personality or brand of a business i believe is directly connected to the Personality of the Owner.
    Koomson Glory is a dedicated, humble, confident, intelligent and an Excellent young Lady with a very creative and innovative mind.
    Dedicated to the needs and satisfaction to others and she ever ready to learn more

    I have been with her for many years now and she just keep improving and doing things we never expected of her.
    Her brand is the best both locally and nationally with a passionate vision for the international market.
    Watch out for her ever increasing and impactful brand.

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