How to acquire and maintain your fashion accessories- Tchiko Yaovi dodji, GoldbridgeNg


Let’s get to meet you. Tell us about yourself and your background

My real name is Tchiko Yaovi dodji … I was born and raised in Togo. I studied marketing and I can speak and write English and French fluently. Came to Lagos In 2009 to chase my dreams.

What inspired you to start a line of business? What are the kind of hurdles you faced starting up?

What inspired me into this line of business is my love for watches and fashion. I love looking good and people always ask me where I get my stuff and sometimes ask if I can get it for them… Doing that my love for buying and selling developed. And today something that started as a side hustle is a full-time business


Your kind of business requires you to keep up with the latest trends, how do you update yourself on this?

I read and do a lot of research about my line of business and I also have suppliers and partners that update me about the latest drops …

Fashion accessories are in high demand in Nigeria. What kind of clients does your business reach out to?

My business target clients that love quality and high-end luxury. That is why I give 24 months or more to my customers. I always try my best to make the luxury affordable very affordable to my clients.

The competitive nature of business in our demography is tense. What strategy have you been able to get customers and also retain them?

Yes, the competition is very tense so my strategy apart from online stuff is I make friends and introduce myself and my business in any gathering I find myself.  Club, bar, restaurant, church, parties, and market. I am never shy to talk about what I do. Talking about retaining my customers… I give them value for their money and always keep in touch with them if there are any complaints. Also, I do activate customer loyalty programs to appreciate my loyal customers.

There is a never-ending trend of people acquiring the latest and most sophisticated wristwatch models.  Can you share some tips on how to maintain a luxury wristwatch?

To maintain a luxury watch, you have to handle it with care. Always clean and keep it neat. Avoid using it in the rain and service it once in a while because many people don’t know that they can service their watches.

Where do you see your business in the next three years and what should Nigerians and the rest of the world expect from you?

Goldbridge will be the most trusted quality, luxury watches, and jewelry online store and will have shops in Lagos, Togo, and Ghana. The world should always expect affordable luxury from Goldbridge

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