How to get good nutrition from healthy Nigerian foods – Chef Amara, The Delicious Place


Let’s get to meet you. Tell us about yourself and your background

My name is Amarachi Anioko. I’m from Enugu state. I’ve lived in Lagos for most of my life

I’m the fourth of 6 children of Mr. and Mrs. Anioko.  Well,  while I lived in Enugu, I learned a lot about the local foods there and if you know Enugu well, you’d know it’s the center of everything in the southeast

What are the things that inspired you into this line of profession? Did you know you’d always be a chef?

I didn’t know I’d be a chef but because of my passion for good and healthy food, I took a course in culinary arts and developed my skills (still a work in progress though)

As a startup, what were the challenges you faced, and how were you able to handle them

Well, a lot of people haven’t come to terms that a chef is different from a cook, so we have to prove ourselves to clients every day. One of the major challenges is cash flow and applying financial management skills. For a start-up, I have been able to rely on savings and grants from friends and seek to get financial knowledge from books and experts.

Do you have anyone that mentored you in this line of business or perhaps go through any formal training?

Yes, as I said earlier, I took a course in culinary arts and I’m being mentored by different people in the industry. I have also read about the profiles of great chefs



Nigeria is blessed with a lot of good recipes, what would you describe as healthy food?

Healthy food for me should be rich in taste, balanced in nutrition, and should also be appealing. As a Chef I sometimes advise my customers to be intentional in eating healthy. For example, Choose foods with healthy fats, limit foods high in saturated fat, and avoid foods with trans fat. Plant oils, nuts, and fish are the healthiest sources. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Go for color and variety—dark green, yellow, orange, and red and choose a fiber-filled diet, rich in whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.

The demand for catering services in the country is in high demand, how do you get your customers and also retain them

Because of the continental cuisines on my menu, my clients are enjoying a fusion of both Nigerian and continental cuisines. I also apply a good customer service management model where I seek to be proactive in satisfying the needs of my customers

What should Nigerians and the rest of the world expect from you in the nearest future?

The Delicious Place by Chef Amara is here to stay and we’re bringing to us meals that seem like they’re so far away, Italian cuisines, Thai cuisines, French cuisine, etc.

We are focused on building a local reputation to make our services global






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  1. KCO says

    Fantastic piece of content. Nigeria has lots of delicious and healthy foods

  2. Tara Atiba says

    This is awesome. Well Done Chef Amara.

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