How to solve infrastructural issues in Nigeria – Godwin Iyke, Twinn Afrik Global Services


Let’s get to meet you, sir. Please tell us about yourself and your background

My name is Godwin Iyk Nwanagu and I am the founder of Twinn Afrik Global Services. I grew up in the southeastern part of Nigeria and I have always had a passion for brokering businesses from real estate to energy and infrastructure. I am an easy-going type, kind of jovial down to earth, I am more of an extrovert than an introvert meaning that I am not a shy person I like cooking, horse riding, seeing movies, going hunting, going to the gym most times, watching premier league ball my country league too, Baseball, and basketball.

What’s your perception about entrepreneurship and how and when should it be best practiced?

I have always believed entrepreneurship is a lifestyle. Growing up in a country like Nigeria, hard work and being resilient in your daily activities have always been the values that you should have to make ends meet. We have to learn to be proactive, take risks and also be solution providers in any community we find ourselves. Entrepreneurship is a concept that should be encouraged and practiced amongst the youths, especially college students.

One of the challenges of setting up a business is funding and proper execution and management of projects. How have you been able to handle this as an entrepreneur?

Business funding and raising capital for business is very difficult especially when you are a start-up and still trying to sell your values to people. Executing and managing a project requires a lot of critical skills and decisions to be made. For me, asides from setting a part of business profits to fund bigger projects, sometimes you might raise cash through friends and acquittances. You might also get from financial institutions if their lending rate is good

Companies that provide advisory services in Nigeria require a lot of quality research for decision-making. How do you get to source for tested data in Nigeria especially when most information is not documented?

We always end up doing the traditional approach. The data that is generated from different sources have to be verified and tested on a small sample space to get the reliability of the data before we commit it to bigger decision-making. We are very particular about the kind of information we use in brokering businesses as most of our clients trust us and we have built a reputation for years

Your line of business is very competitive and there is a need to focus on top-notch customer service. Do you have any customer experience initiatives driven by your company?

One of the things that stand us out in terms of creating customer experience is the fact that we also not just broker businesses but are also available to render advice on areas that require clarification on future trends in business

How would you describe the concept of infrastructure development in Nigeria, do you think there are areas the government needs to improve on?

I would say our infrastructure is still developing but rather at a slow pace. We have to invest in long-term projects that would bring improvements in the daily life of the citizens and give it to professionals to manage. We have to be intentional in maintenance culture.

For developing countries especially in Africa, what are the 3 main challenges faced in projection execution? Can we get an insight into possible solutions?

The challenges faced are generic and they would also have some solutions. We need to set up an accountability mechanism, the projects from the beginning should be very realistic before committing funds and I will emphasize again, the maintenance side should be educational

What advice would you give young entrepreneurs and individual professionals that aspire to be Business brokers, are there particular skill sets needed for this endeavor.

Being a successful business person requires lots of skills and commitment. Most especially, you have to be proactive, have a good personality, analytic and communication skills

What should Nigeria and the rest of the world expect from you?

We hope to continue being diligent in our business and aim to broker local and global businesses

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