How to use Avocado to prepare special Nigerian delicacies – Chef Adedayo,


Please let’s get to meet you. Tell us about yourself and your background


my name is Adekoya Adedayo. I am a medical laboratory scientist graduate and a Chef by profession.

a native of Ondo state. i reside in sagamu, ogun state. I’m a Christian and an advocate of a prosperous Nigeria

Can you share with us what inspired you into your line of profession?

huh, it’s never in my plan of becoming a chef really. but what got me inspired is mainly because I love to cook, cooking for me is therapeutic & fun. hence why I gave a thought of attending a culinary school to attain more knowledge & get well improved my cooking skills.


In your career path as a chef, what has been the most difficult challenge you have faced and how did you manage it?

People have this thought of what a chef can cook is still the basic meals they know about. It use to be challenging to compare a chef, cook & caterer. but then I handled it by not delivering out the usual taste when an order is being made.



Confectionery business is quite competitive in Nigeria, what kind of clients does your business attract and how do you retain them

My Business Attracts Mostly So Many People. Why? Because it’s Different from the Usual Meals in my location. The Taste of My Meals is not elementary as I research a lot about my demography and the targeted audience likes. I am very intentional to create a culture of not delaying orders, not compromising my hygiene principles, and lastly making the service very affordable

Can you share five basic steps in making quality a perfect cake?

Lots of professionals have different skills they apply to get the best output but there are some basic things that should be adhered to.

  • Use a good recipe from a source you trust.
  • Test and Preheat the oven
  • Cream butter and sugar until the mixture lightens in texture and color.
  • Be accurate with weights and ingredients
  • Stick to cooking times in the recipe






Which of the best-grown Nigerian fruits would you use in making one of your delicacies?

When making particular delicacies, I like to use fresh avocado leaves because of their numerous benefits. It can be used as a bed for roasting meats, as a wrapper for steaming or grilling fish, and also placed inside the wrapping of food to impart flavor. They can also be dried and added to soups, stews, mole sauces, and extracted to make salad dressings

In your line of business, can you share with us your most memorable and profitable experience?

I should say when I got an order on Caribbean cuisine & Italian cuisine and my client gave a soul-satisfying review… I also picked up a lot of economic and social values during this experience.


What should Nigerians and the rest of the world expect from your brand in the coming years?

We would want to grow organically every year and be consistent with our values. We will continue to dominate on the local scene but our sights will be to be global

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