The dynamics of sourcing for Nigerian food items and getting prompt delivery- Adebesin Deborah Omowunmi, Founder-Medihannah Global Services


Let’s get to meet you. Please tell us about yourself and your background

My name is Adebesin Deborah Omowunmi, 29 years old. I am the founder and Chief Operations officer for Medihannah Global Services which has been in operation for a couple of years. I am from Abeokuta Ogun State and that’s where we operate from with diverse networks around the country

Can you share what inspired you into your line of business?

Being an ambitious young Nigerian, I have always believed in being a person of value and creative income creation. One of the things that inspired me to start the business is to feel the gap between people that want to shop for affordable and credible food items without having the time to explore the market demography and trends. So we take the burden off you and deliver it to your doorstep.

As an entrepreneur, did you go through formal training or were you under the mentorship of someone? Kindly share with us

No, I didn’t have any training on this. But I learned pragmatically by intentionally learning about the dynamics of the Nigerian market and physically exploring the market to understand the entire value chain.

The food business in Nigeria is on the increase to match the population strength. As an entrepreneur how do you segment the market to deliver the best service to your clients?

No doubt there is a need to increase the output of food in the country to match local consumption. I study the needs of the people and classify them according to their location and the frequency of purchase. Some clients buy in bulk and we deliver to them as far as other states

As of 2020, the hunger statistics in Nigeria have been on the increase, can you share the role food entrepreneurs play in bridging the hunger gap between the rural and urban areas?

The statistics on food is not encouraging but as food entrepreneurs, we have continued to bridge the gap in the movement of food items from the local farmers to the people in the city. Creating a better and timely delivery of food items helps make them available and drives down the cost.

As an entrepreneur what has been your biggest business challenge and how have you been able to solve them? Do you think the government needs to do more to support the players in the food market industry?

The biggest challenge has always been the need for funds to pivot the business and increase the scope of our offerings. The government will need to do more in creating facilities that would help in growing food in rural areas and creating better logistics for transporting them to the city. They should also help secure the lives of farmers that cultivate food daily

For people aspiring to get into your line of business, what are the basic skills required?

It is a rewarding business if you can be tenacious and hardworking. There is a lot of reason why you have to learn the dynamics of the market and know which part of the value chain to operate in


Are you involved in any initiative that helps promote and pivot the business of entrepreneurs?

I always find a way to involve myself in groups and communities that discuss entrepreneurship as it is vital for learning and sharing ideas and strategies. I belong to a food group where we share ideas and explore new markets


What should Nigeria and the rest of the world expect from you in the future?

We are focused on our growth and harnessing all our values. We want to operate locally and globally for a brand



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