The importance of branding for a growing Nigerian Business – Jane Amarachi Ezetah


 Let’s get to meet you, ma’am. Tell us about yourself and your background.

My name is Jane Amarachi Ezetah but I’m known on all my social media platforms as Jane Chris Ezetah. I’m from the Eastern part of Nigeria. Was born and raised in Lagos. Had my primary school education in Lagos and then moved on to Federal Government College Odogbolu, Ogun state for my secondary school education. I have a BA in theatre art, from Imo state university, Owerri. I’m currently based in Owerri with my husband and son.

You seem to have the passion for supporting the growth of businesses and giving them that professional structure and outlook, where do you draw inspiration from?

Well, I draw my inspiration from watching people who have excelled in business and I began to research the things they did differently and how they went about it. I applied most of the things I learned in my own life and business and the result I got was mind-blowing and so I decided to support businesses by teaching them all they need to know and need to do to succeed in business.

In Nigeria, many small business owners actually struggle to create a unique brand for themselves, can you share the importance of branding in business?

I’m excited about this question and that’s because it is my niche. I don’t get tired of talking about the importance of building a unique brand anytime and any day.

First, you must understand that branding is how you present yourself to people and the world at large. It is how you show up. The way people perceive you whether you are in a room or not. The imagination of you, you create in people’s heads whether you are there or not.

It is sad to know that lots of business owners especially small business owners have ignored the importance of branding and are wondering why they have setbacks or poor sales.

It is not rocket science. If you do not show up as a god, soon now or later you will fade up.

Branding is how you carry yourself, your business, your packaging, your presentation, your aura, your dressing, your customer relation skills, your confidence. It’s a lot for you to excel in your personal or business life.

The importance of branding is numerous but I’ll mention a few!

  • It builds trust for you and your brand!
  • You attract like minds!
  • You attract reputable people in the society!
  • You begin to attract the right set of people
  • You build influence and income automatically.
  • You become a name to reckon with.

With your experience with entrepreneurs and your activities in preparing them for upscaling their businesses, what would you define as success in Business?

Success in business is seeing that your clients are happy and from time to time you keep upgrading and improving to meet the needs of everyone associated with you and your brand.

We presently have different content in the media space in Nigeria. What are the values and norms you’d appreciate in content as regards building and promoting a business brand?

Good content should not be void of information, entertainment, and education.

It must informative, educative, and should be entertaining. Do not be too rigid when creating content because people want to be as free as they can with you.

In all that you do, make sure your content ends with your core message.

Are you involved in any social activity that serves as a community initiative support? What are the objectives?

I believe every human being on earth deserves the right to the basic needs of life which are shelter, water, food, and quality education and so whenever I see community initiatives support tolled in that angle you will find me in the forefront cheering and supporting.

I have been privileged to work with Mrs. Uloma Rochas Nwosu the daughter of the former governor of Imo state as the Director of the Elfreeda foundation with the objectives stated above.

I am currently the Project manager for Jamie Pajoel International an initiative that helps the indigent in Imo state.

I also have my own platform Speak out to women and my inner circle. A group that is strictly for women and geared towards helping women live their full potentials irrespective of what life brings.

There are so many young minds in Nigeria in need of positive guidance, what advice will you give them especially the ones with interest in business and entrepreneurship.

I would advise every proposed startup to be intentional and subject yourself to proper training. Be very open about learning, unlearning, and relearning again. Don’t ever underestimate the power of networking

What can Nigeria expect from you and your platform in the nearest future?

I can’t change Nigeria but I’m looking to impact and influence in my little way

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