Three things that can guarantee your success as a Nigerian Performing Artist – S Dee Classic


Let’s get to meet you. Tell us about yourself and your background

I am a Lagos based afro beat singer general called (Sdee classic)

My real name is (Ife oluwa olatunde salau) I reside on the mainland of Lagos, have been doing music right from secondary school days. The passion is so strong and I can’t wait to have a space in the afro beat world.

What inspired you into Music? How has the journey been so far? 

 A lot of reasons have been my source of inspiration so far, am a lover of good sounds. Some of our home based artists and international artist also contributed to my inspiration. 

The journey so far as not been the way I want but I believe if I don’t give up, i will definitely have a space to show my craft to the world. 

Can you tell us about the hurdles you faced in the beginning, how were you able to overcome them and how has it shaped your career path

I will be straight with this. Most of my setbacks, are having to deal with wrong team member, fake love from people I believe will help out in some certain areas. 

Financing myself has also been a big hurdle to me. 

Am still on a path in overcoming some of my setbacks. Am just very lucky to have someone like Prince Eletu of Lagos around me. His been advising, and helping to shape my career path gradually. 

What would you aspire to achieve at the apex of your career as a musician 

Big… But majorly I want to have a facial recognition in afro beat genre worldwide.. 

Who are the artist local and international that influenced your style of music? If you could do a performance with someone, who would it be? 

I tap from every top artist out there, locally and internationally. They are all deferents in their doings.  I really don’t want to call names. I want to perform with all my Nigerians artists if that will be possible. 

Asides Music, do you have other interest in the value chain of entertainment that you might want to explore in future 

I would love to be a big entertainment promoter 

What should your fans, Nigerians and the rest of the world expect from you in the nearest future?

Big sound, evergreen songs and good leadership. 

Can you share your highest and lowest career experience so far?

Lowest career experience was when i performed in a bar and no one was paying attention to me. My highest career experience is still in view. 

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