What can make you stand out in Nigeria as a female entrepreneur- Benedicta Kome


Let’s get to meet you. Tell us about yourself.

My name is Benedicta Oghenekome Ekokobe and I am the founder of BridAfripride Design. It is a business we started about 8 years running now and we aspire to be one of the foremost local shoe companies in Nigeria. I am from Delta State in Nigeria and a graduate of Agricultural Economics from Delta State University.

What inspired you to get into entrepreneurship?

 In an early morning meeting in my office, my then Boss talked about how people are all over the place looking for greener pastures and he went on explaining how he helps people meet that, and right there I told myself I’m greener pastures myself and I need to start now knowing fully well it has always been my dream to own my own fashion line.

What are the main qualities that make you stand out as an entrepreneur? 

First, I’m a lady in a man’s world doing what they do & doing it best, also being a lady I brand my jobs with perfection knowing very well that people will naturally question the quality being done by a lady so I give it my best. I tried bridging the gap by using quality materials and selling at an average rate so as to reach the masses at large. In general, I will say I love what I do as it is an inbuilt gift even before I went to learn it properly, as a child I have always loved to stand out create designs, and even make designs on already made shoes, bags, and dresses bought for me, so as I grow older my passion grew stronger and as you know when you love something you do best at it

What is your long-term goal as a business?

My long term goal is to stand out and be a household name like the likes of Nike, Gucci, Versace, and co. I planned on expanding to the four corners of the world and being one of the biggest fashion industries in terms of employment

Besides your passion for your business, what other kind of profession do you take interest in?

Farming and being a major player in the agricultural value chain.

Who is your kind of clientele?

We want to reach out to everyone from individual professionals to staff of corporate organizations. We want to provide tailored services to people to meet your expectations

Your contact

Email bennykome@gmail.com

Instagram BridAfripridedesign same as Facebook

WhatsApp 07040300863 08091104240

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