Why we need more than experience in construction and maintenance of Buildings in Nigeria – G.N Akarolo


Let’s get to meet you. Pls tell us about yourself and your background

  • Am Akarolo Nkem Great, from Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
    I have a BSC in Business Administration (Management) from the Rivers State University of Science and technology in Port Harcourt.
    Am from Ikwerre, Akarolo family at Elekahia in Port Harcourt city Local government area of Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

I worked with my Dad, Elder Chris Akarolo from a very youthful age.
I have always loved construction and building projects. This led me in starting up Greatman Kyling Services a platform that caters to building Construction, maintenance, and renovations

What inspired you to get into your line of profession?

I have always been a person that likes to drive purpose. I have read the success profiles of many influential entrepreneurs and captains of industries. Their stories really inspired me to work hard and always want to add value to any profession or projects I am involved in

What were the common hurdles you faced when you started your business and how did you overcome them?

One of the hurdles you would come about as an entrepreneur is prospecting and retaining the right clients. At the start of my career, it was difficult to sell our values to the right clients but with so much commitment and persuasion we have been able to share our values and demonstrate them through our works and this has helped us in growing our clientele base

What are the challenges faced in sourcing and executing contracts in Nigeria? How do you think we can solve this problem?

Well, sourcing for business in Nigeria requires a lot of intentional strategies, from having a good PR and having a good track record of jobs. To execute a contract in Nigeria whether directly or otherwise, the common thing is to have the ability to know the details and terms of the contract and have the ability to execute to the end.

We have experienced situations in Nigeria where buildings have collapsed and billions are lost in the process. What are the fundamental things to look out for when erecting a building?

Whether it’s a new building or doing a renovation, it is statutory that you have the right permits to carry it out and not compromise standards. As building entrepreneurs, we are committed to getting the right materials and hiring qualified personnel to take charge of critical projects

As an entrepreneur, do you have an interest in other ventures asides from building and construction?

I have always been someone that has a lot of diverse interests and one of them is animal husbandry and also maritime activities. I always pray for people to find fulfillment in all they do

Being a contractor has some basic ethics you must conform with. Can you share some of these ethics and how you align them with your business values?

The most important thing is to be as professional as you can be. Have avid attention to detail and negotiation skills. Most importantly, your ability to create business relations and manage them is key to success.

What’s your business mantra?

My main mantra Just do it. Don’t procrastinate or delay decisions

What should Nigeria and the rest of the world expect from you in the nearest future?

I want to keep focusing my strength and skills on projects that would drive common values within the people and society. We want to be consolidated locally and keep expanding globally

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